About Ariyah

Ariyah Brynn is a 20-year-old songwriter and artist born and raised in a town outside Music City. She discovered her love and passion for music and began developing her skills at a young age. Her love for singing, playing guitar, and piano was already established before she took her first songwriting class at 10 years old, which opened a whole new world of creativity for her. Her life became a song. Everything she did, and everything she learned turned into a song. She would write and perform songs she had written at churches, to family and friends, at camps, and various showcasing events. After graduating high school, she decided to dedicate herself to the craft of songwriting and attended Trevecca Nazarene University to study songwriting under Dr. Kim McLean and Craig Adams.

Ariyah’s style is unique in the way she composes her original songs. Influenced by a mix of pop, jazz, R&B, blues, and gospel, she creates distinct sounds using unique melodies, interesting chords, and impressive vocal runs. Some artists who have influenced her heavily are Tori Kelly, Alicia Keys, Lizzie McAlpine, H.E.R., and Madison Ryann Ward. Something unique about her writing is her range of genres and influences. Ariyah finds herself writing both deep reflective love ballads and upbeat story songs. 

Ariyah's determination and positive outlook on starting her career have brought many achievements. Ariyah's songwriting helped her achieve a top seven spot in the Immerse Conference competition in the women's singer/songwriter category. She won the "Courtney's Restaurant" singer/songwriter competition overall grand prize. Ariyah released her first single and music video in January 2020 and also got to release her first EP in August 2021, titled "Shades of Me." At the release of the EP, Ariyah held a concert release party, performing all the songs on the EP with a live band. Later on, during her study at Trevecca Nazarene University, she became one of the top three finalists of her school's copy of "American Idol," titled "Trojan Idol," not just one, but two years in a row. As Ariyah has grown in her artistry, she has learned that she loves the process of music and doesn't just focus on the destination. 

As Ariyah Brynn's story unfolds, it is evident that her artistic journey is far from over, promising a future brimming with innovation, authenticity, hard work, and musical brilliance.